Multilevel Concept Maps or Diagrams

A problem while working with 2D graphics, in the style of big concept maps or other kind of diagrams, is that when the matter is complex, they can become a problem to navigate  and edit them like in the next very cluttered map:

This is unavoidable if you need to show (or print) the map as single unit.

However, with the help of software, you can divide the map in hierarchically contained sub-maps, spanning multiple levels. Consider the next diagram, made with ThinkComposer, representing a simple aircraft design as an advanced concept map:

With this multilevel capability you can “compose” (or decompose) your ideas to any extent into a single document. Plus, notice that you can still connect nodes, not within the same view (map/diagram), by using Shortcuts that you can point/click to easily navigate to the original source.


6 thoughts on “Multilevel Concept Maps or Diagrams

  1. Very, very nice! Great to see the way you are creating a 3D map on a sheet of paper (or your computer screen).

    Any chance you have the original map that is shown in the image created with ThinkComposer?

  2. Agreed: very very nice!
    I have been searching for a good nD mind-mapping program.
    Is it available on Android (for tablets /touch input), and can the nodes/neurons and links be hand-drawn?

  3. Hey nmarcel, How can I represent the enitre Supersonic Commercial Aircraft in one view as in the image of the producal manual

    • As of 2018, I’m still waiting for a 2D multilevel to 3D diagramming tool that does that. I studied the possibility, but it turned to be too resource (RAM) expensive at the time (2015). Also, using 3D for that would also imply doing the whole diagramming experience in 3D, which requires another learning curve and could be too complex or required to be too “inmersive” (in complex diagrams) for most users. Maybe with augmented reality tools, like Hololens, we should see that feature implemented.


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